Product Description

Designed Specifically For Hot Rods & Classic Vehicles

Perfect choice for muscle cars, European vintage sports cars and classic motorcycles. Safe for O2 sensors and catalytic converters. Features storage protection additives that guard against rust and corrosion during winter storage. No ZDDP or additives required. Viscosity typical of 10W-40.

  • ZDDP Anti-Wear Additives
  • Storage & Start-Up Protection
  • Extended Oil Change Intervals
  • High Temp High Shear Stability

STORAGE PROTECTION – Uses the same oil additive technology developed for the U.S. Military for storing and shipping their combat equipment. Protects against rust and corrosion so your engine is protected even when it’s not running.

HIGH ZINC CONTENT – Higher levels of Zinc (ZDDP) than regular passenger car oils. Delivers proper anti-wear protection for older style push-rod and flat-tappet engines.

CAMSHAFT WEAR PROTECTION – Superior camshaft wear protection chemistry. The same wear protection found in Driven Racing Oil which has powered  NASCAR Championships.

SYNTHETIC FORMULA – Our synthetic formula provides improved cold-start protection compared to mineral oils.